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Crown Co., Ltd.

Crown Co. Ltd., is a company dedicated to the smooth and speedy shipment of Japanese Cars and Trucks to clients worldwide. Our Experience in the automotive field in Japan spans over 35 years, and our founder's foremost objective is Customer Satisfaction. Our dedicated team inspects each purchase to ensure that customers receive a good product and are happy enough to come back with recommendations, and additional purchases. Our shipping staff ensure that logistics service is impeccable, smooth, and Quick !

High Quality

Good condition, low mileage products & competitive prices.


Over 30 years of experience & strong relation ships with Japanese manufacturers and suppliers.


Multilingual staff, committed to providing excellent service. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Low Prices

We source the cars direct from the auctions and charge minimum commission resulting in Low price cars for our customers

Customer Reviews


A regular customer, importer of large trucks and tractor heads. They had been looking for a reliable dealer who could meet their requirements at competitive prices. They are happy to be dealing with Crown, having purchased hundreds of large trucks.

Passenger Car

Purchaser of selective late model high quality, low mileage vehicles. Regularly purchasing vehicles from Japan, satisfied to be importing from a trusted dealer with reliable and safe selection processes.
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